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Empress Theodora and Coco Chanel

Hello everyone,
First, here is a little history behind the Chanel Metiers D’Art Collection 2011 Paris-Byzance. Every year since 2002, Karl Lagerfeld shows support to Chanel’s Métiers d’Art by dedicating an annual collection to them. Métiers d’Art include seven specialist craftsmen –  Lemarié the feather specialist, Lesage the embroiderer, Desrues the costume jeweler, Massaro the shoemaker, Maison Michel the milliner, Goossens the goldsmith and Guillet the floral accessory specialist. These collections typically celebrate a city that is a part of Chanel’s history. Back in the 1920’s, Coco Chanel drew inspiration from Byzantine history to create her jewelry. In this collection, Karl Lagerfeld draws inspiration from Empress Theodora, a Byzantine empress, whose ambition is similar to that of Coco Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld gives a contemporary spin to the opulence of Byzantine culture. The predominant materials are tweeds woven with gold thread, textured knits, and silk. All of the materials are heavily embroidered to resemble ancient mosaics. Accessories, from bangles and earrings, to headpieces and necklaces, are intricate with gold, glass beads, precious stones, and filigree gilt.  Lavish over the knee boots and sandals, smaller handbags, red eyeliner for make up, and updo hairstyles complete the looks.

I truly enjoy this collection not only because it is beautiful but also because it reminds me of my own culture and history.

Source: – Photos: courtesy of Chanel

Wish List: Aviator Chic

Military trend has been in the works for the last couple of years. I am finally putting together an outfit  to reflect my interpretation of it (coming next post). I have gathered most of the items from this wish list, excluding the aviator jacket. Due to its price ($400-$1,000), an authentic leather aviator jacket will probably remain on the wish list. Aviator jackets are a later development of the military style, and they look great with both a cargo/leather pant or a dress.

Events: Chic Boutique Tour

Who would have known that shopping soiree on wheels could be so much fun? The experience with Chic Boutique Tour, owned and operated by the lovely Rosalynn Wilson, is not your average shopping experience. In the span of five hours, we had the pleasure to visit five of the best Atlanta boutiques and stores, enjoy a variety of noshes and cocktails, socialize and network, watch a movie, take a break between shopping locations, and make new friends.

Here is why you should experience the Chic Boutique Tour for yourself:

– It addresses the needs of ladies of all shapes, tastes, sizes, level of addiction (spend a whole check vs a portion of it), fetish (shoes vs garments)

– You literally get pampered – you get to relax during a lavish executive bus ride around Atlanta, enjoy a movie and a great food and drink service by the gorgeous male staff of Chic Boutique Tour.

– You get to shop at a 20% discount in all of the participating boutiques

– A number of giveaways will keep you on your toes through the whole trip. Some of the fashionistas on our tour will indulge in a one-hour message from Message Envy, a free Shop Your Closet service from A Clothes Encounter, a free pedicure from Pampered Nail and Body Spa…

– We also had a professional stylist, the talented Kaira Akita with A Clothes Encounter, give us advice on the latest trends and styles.

– Shop at some of the best boutiques in Atlanta – the names speak of themselves – Off Broadway Shoes, Coposhi, Merino, Fab’rik, Plush BoutiqueWine Shoe.

The Tour ended with a wine tasting session at the Wine Shoe store. I had the pleasure to  visit this store a couple of months ago and was excited to go back and replenish my wine supply. This time, I chose  a red wine – Italo Cescon Pinot Nero Veneto.

I can’t wait for the next tour and I hope it coincides with my mom’s visit to the US.

Pampered Nail and Body Spa

Plush Boutique

Here are some items that caught my eye. I purchased a great pair of military inspired booties to be seen in my next post.

High Lace up Boots at Off Broadway Shoes
Furry Boots at Off Broadway Shoes
Military Inspired Cardigan at Coposhi
Kaira Akita, Patty Davis, Rosalynn Wilson (the owner of Chic Boutique)

The fabulous E. Maxine with In a Fabulous World

Merino boutique

Merino associate

Wine Shoe

Teodora’s Lookbook: Little Black Dress

Dress – Karen Millen, Event – Christmas Party

Events: Atlanta Fashion Awards – The Ladies