Oxford Styling

Yesterday, I found this great post by the one and only the Sartorialist. Instantly I fell in love with the model’s look and I was on the hunt for her red and white “candy dipped” shoes. They are known as Oxford or Brogue and originated from Scotland and Ireland. So, I am on the hunt for some leather Oxfords, hopefully two-toned with patent leather. Here is a selection I had fun with on Polyvore.

Oxford Srtyling
Oxford Srtyling by teobak featuring patent leather boots

8 Responses to Oxford Styling

  1. CarrieJo says:

    I love any lace-up dress shoe! I just found your blog!


  2. Michelle says:

    Super cute! I love all of these!

  3. diana kang says:

    amazing picks! xx

  4. Ramona says:

    first from left hand side are my most favorite!But You have picked up very chic Oxfords!
    Thank You for leaving so lovely coment and following me. I appreciate it! Now I'm following You! 😉

    xo Ra

  5. Lee Oliveira says:

    They are very pretty. I love to photograph girls in great shoes..
    Great picks..
    Lee x

  6. SOFIA says:

    you blog amazing!!!!

  7. Alexandra says:

    the ones that really make it through my brain as oxfords are the middle ones from the bottom row . But all the shoes are fab,especially the first ones<3

    alexandra @

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