Like a Kid in a Candy Store

A week ago I had the ultimate pleasure to go to a summer sale of all major Atlanta boutiques under one roof (Boutique Bargains Atlanta Clearance Sale). I was grinning like a kid in a candy store for the whole 3 hours.  What made it even better is that I had two very good friends mine with passion for fashion matching mine.
What do you think? Did I make a good choice? Any ideas for styling? Does any of this pieces fire up your fashion sense?
Beach cover-up
Peppe Peluson
Left on Houston

15 Responses to Like a Kid in a Candy Store

  1. Oh my Dior! says:

    I love the print of the first blouse!!

  2. Castle Fashion says:

    I love the yellow top best of all. That's definitely going to be really versatile. I'd pair it with high-waist shorts and wedges =]


  3. Erin says:

    I love the white and grey cardigan as well as the beach cover up! Good picks!


    Erin @

  4. Mrs. C says:

    Wow all of these picks are fabulous!! Love the bottom two and the Peppe Peluson vest! Fabulous!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  5. Dale says:

    Wow, you got so much stuff. The beach cover up is so cute and I like everything you got, especially that blazer, it would be hot with leather pants. The dress at the end is so fun too for dinner out. Great purchases.

    Following you now


  6. B.Inspired says:

    I love all these pieces you purchased! The caftan top is so much fun as well as the dark gunmetal blazer! I can't wait to see how you'll wear these new items! Thank you for stopping by Bravoe Runway!

  7. Eclectico says:

    so fantastic purchases!,love the first ,jacket and sweater sleeves are translucent Favorites 😀 .Greetings I was pleased to know that my suggestion was useful for cleaning your camera and my statements the day are the inspiration for you.

  8. deniz saatçioğlu says:

    Beautiful pieces. I love the sheer green top with the stars.

    Thanks for your comment.

  9. Andreea says:

    Great pieces! I especially love the first top and the shorts in the last photo!

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  10. Erika says:

    Hi dear!

    thx for always supporting and commenting on my blog posts 🙂 I've decided to give you the "One Lovely Blog Award'

    check out the link for more info! congrats~


  11. Style Maniac says:

    Such fun! Love the tunic tops.

  12. Ramona says:

    Teodora, You have made so fantastic purchases! I can't wait to see them rocking hun! It's even hard to pick one of them because they all are so versatile and fabulous.

    xoxo Ra

  13. ChiccaStyle says:

    WOW,your new purchases are simply amazing!!!Love them all, especially the studded blazer, the vest and the batwing blouse!

  14. Erika says:

    OMG the Peppe Peluson top is GORGEOUS, it's so military style, and I'm loving the Cecico yellow top too! GOREOUS OVERLOAD!!! 🙂


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