Happy Friday!

So excited to share the new members of Teodora’s shoe family. It is hard to pick when one is impossible to resist and the other is just a necessity. Vince Camuto is a brand that I was not familiar with but I love  more and more! Don’t you love the detail of the shoe sole?
xoxo, Teodora
Gianni Bini
Vince Camuto

15 Responses to Happy Friday!

  1. Londyn says:

    some of my favorite brands!!

  2. Melissa says:

    I fell in love with the first pair at first sight!!

  3. Juli Photo Diary says:

    Amazing Shoes sweetie!

    Visit my blog at: http://www.juliphotodiary.com


  4. Eranda Janku says:

    oh so lovely !

    thx for the comment !

    following you !



  5. Alinne's Style says:

    Hi Teodora! thanks for your lovely comment! in love with this shoes…
    But I'm very tall and if I wear it I'll be the tallest girl… haha
    Kisses, Alinne


  6. Stilettostetico says:

    There is an authentic "girly / romantic" vibrancy in your new Fetish fineries, more than exquisite I must add !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. Sarah says:

    I don't know what to say besides, "Wow, absolutely beautiful."

  8. Shervin Nassi says:

    great post! great blog! very rad!!


  9. Irene's Closet says:

    Cool pics!

    You have a new follower!

    Have a nice day!


  10. SIENA.STYLE says:

    i love both of them!!

  11. Eclectico says:

    super feminine and very versatil.Por a color other hand I see that your camera needs cleaning out all the photos in the same spot, I share with you this link that may be helpful.


  12. princessmicah says:

    lovely shoes! *drools*

  13. Erika says:

    LOVE the first pair, I mean, the height of the heels is already super sexy, let alone the white design, GORGEOUS!


  14. Andrea says:

    gorgeous shoes! love the second pair!

  15. Sarah says:

    They are absolutely beautiful, and so very elegant. The first pair are my favourite.



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