Seven Year Itch

This past weekend was our 7th wedding anniversary. I just found out that the traditional gift for 7th year anniversary is made of copper. I told Chris that he should pass on this one and save for our diamond anniversary – haha 🙂 We decided to keep things casual and low key as you can see from my outfit. I have been wanting to try color tights for a while and purple seemed to be a safe start. We had a great time at a seafood restaurant and jazz bar after that. I feel the luckiest wife ever!!!



Shirt (borrowed) – Express, Skirt – Ann Taylor Loft, Tights – Hue Opaque Purple, Shoes – Tribeca (old)



8 Responses to Seven Year Itch

  1. Natasha says:

    Congratulations!!U look awesome, the color palette u choice is fantastic!

  2. Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE says:

    This is amazing, nice post friend! Keep up with this, love your style.
    Check out mine,

  3. Andrea says:

    aww congrats dear!

    i love this look..the colours are perfect for you 🙂

    hope you 2 had a fab day!

  4. Bohemian vanity says:

    Congrats sweetheart ! Your outfit is so lovely, i really like your skirt !!! xoxo

  5. Noémie says:

    Great outfit! You look amazing!
    Wanna follow eachother? Let me know when you follow me and I follow back!

  6. Eclectico says:

    Beautiful look… 😀 love the shoes 😀

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ot vse sarce ti pogelavam mnogo mnogo schastie i uspehi profesionalni nd teb i na cris4o.Az obi4am lilivata gama.Stoi ti mnogo dobre.

  8. Melissa says:

    And you pulled off the colored tights quite well my dear….. Just beautiful..

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