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Mustard Color Jeans

Hello everyone,

My love for mustard color fashion is only matched by my dislike for its taste. Just one of the things I never got used to when I moved to the US – I prefer my hot dogs with feta cheese instead:) Who knew that the familiar yellow substance is made of the seeds of a plant? I really need to get off those magazines and broaden my horizons. Even more interesting is that the renowned mustard yellow color is achieved through artificial dyes. Anyways, that does not prevent me from obsessing with my mustard color jeans. The perfect colors to pair them with were already around my neck – fuchsia, teal, indigo, and brown.

Does this outfit “cut the mustard”? What do you think?



Mustard Color Jeans – TJ Maxx
Shoes – Guess from DSW
Blazer -BCBG Max Azria (old)
Scarf – Collection18 from Dillards
Burgundy Top – Ann Taylor


Teodoras Lookbook Mustard Jeans

Teodoras Lookbook Mustard Color Jeans 4

Black & White Fashion

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a fabulous week. I should seriously consider creating a blog devoted solely to black and white fashion. However, I decided to start with a simple Pinterest board. This particular outfit was inspired by noone else but Keira Knightley as Chanel femme fatale in the 2007 ad campaign. However, looking at the photos, I believe the accessories (collar necklace) and the make up turned out best. What do you think?

xoxo, Teodora


Teodoras Lookbook Black White Achromatic fashion 2

Teodoras Lookbook Black White Achromatic Fashion 7

Teodoras Lookbook black white fashion

Teodoras Lookbook Black White Achromatic Fashion 5

Plaid Sequins Skirt

Hello everyone,

I would have never guessed that my just off-the press sequins skirt might as well be another version of my belly dancing belt or of the Bulgarian folk costumes. Back in the days of  kings and queens, the material of choice for sequins were gold and jewels and that is why later on they took the Italian world for gold coin as their first name : Zecchino.  So if sequins are good enough for King Tut (he was quite the fashionado), for traveling gypsies, and the flappers of the 20’s dance halls, they are good enough for me.

So far I have enjoyed wearing my “light reflector” skirt in a more casual style and would love to next time glam it up a little. Maybe paired with a solid, flowy, silky shirt or with a sexy peplum style top? What do you think?

xoxo, Teodora

Sequins Skirt – Cwonder
Burgundy Shirt – Ann Taylor
Burgundy color shoes – Franco Sarto from Dillards
Accessories – Francescas’s Collections

Teodoras Lookbook plaid sequins skirt

Teodoras Lookbook Plaid Sequins Skirt2

Teodoras Lookbook plaid sequins skirt 3

Fashion Rocks Atlanta

The latest fashion event in Atlanta more than deserved its name – Fashion Rocks Atlanta. The goal of the event was to promote five young designers as well as to raise funds for Positive Growth Inc. (PGI). PGI helps troubled and homeless males (12-18) by providing them with a “structured, nurturing environment they could call home”. Atlanta Fashion Rocks would help them receive the Christmas they wish for.

As promised by the invitation, superb entertainment was guaranteed by the trendy venue, the bubbly drinks, the unique shops, and the stylish fashions. Since each of the designers specializes in different products (jewelry, apparel, sunglasses,etc.), all of the looks were beautifully put together. I fell in love with the vibrant colors of Shaye Blue designs, the “coolness” of Red’s Outfitters sunglasses, the class and mission of Cultivation Five T-Shirts and One Designs jewelry. If you like to learn more about the designers, please click here.


The Fashions

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 13

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 11


Fashion Rocks Atlanta 12

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 10

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 9

The Designers

The Guests

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 8

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 7

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 6

The Shoppes

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 5

Cultivation Five T-Shirts

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 15

One Designs Jewelry

Fashion Rocks Atlanta

Mimi with Sushiami. He collection includes sushi and Japanese-inspired ottomans, dolls and accessories


Fashion Rocks Atlanta 2

The guys with – your only source for “handcrafted, one-of-a-kind boomboxes”. My hubby has put their creations on his wish list:)

Fashion Rocks Atlanta 3

Shahnaz with Boho Gal Handmade Jewelry

Metal Cap-toe Shoes

Hello everyone,

This post is the reason why I should not take photos after work when I am exhausted, when it is dark and when all I want to do is cuddle in bed and watch TV. However, my excitement to share these lovely metal toe-cap shoes proved to be stronger. My obsession with cap toe shoes started earlier in the year but it seems that this trend has been in full force for a while as caps or reinforced toes  are present very frequently in both oxfords and boots.  What do I love most about them? Their versatility – the pointed-toe shape and the metal caps make these shoes both sophisticated and edgy, appropriate to pair with both cropped pants and distressed jeans.

xoxo, Teodora

Blazer – ZARA
Jeans – ZARA
Metal cap-toe booties – ZARA
Clutch – Nine West
Silk Shirt – Ann Taylor


Teodoras Lookbook Metal Cap Toe shoes

Teodoras Lookbook Metal Cap toe shoes 3

Teodoras Lookbook Metal Cap toe shoes 4