Dream Wedding – Part 1

Finally. Pictures from my friend Nadia’s wedding are here and I cannot wait a minute longer to share them with you. There is even the added benefit of  no photo editing because the photos are already amazing. As you know, I have been more involved with the wedding over the last couple of months but it all has been worth it because 1) Nadia deserves the best and 2) I had the best of time doing it. I have to say it has been one of a lifetime experience for me – both friend-wise and in a cultural sense.

This post is all about Nadia, the best day of her life, and her breathtaking beauty. Wishing her and Alberto life filled with love, happiness and abundance!


Teodoras Lookbook indian wedding dress 3

Teodoras Lookbook indian wedding jewelry and henna

Teodoras Lookbook indian wedding dress

Teodoras Lookbook - bradley mischka

Teodoras Lookbook indian wedding dress 2

Teodoras Lookbook - henna 1

Teodoras Lookbook - indian saree and henna 2


7 Responses to Dream Wedding – Part 1

  1. sarah says:

    Wow, your friend looks beautiful and it looks like it was such a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing the photos 🙂 xo

  2. Tani says:

    Wow your friend looks gorgeous ! What a lovely couple ! Love that henna ornaments !!! Have a fabby week !!! XX Tani

  3. Ramona says:

    Dreamy and wonderful!!Bride looks absolutely stunning!Dress is..woooow!
    Thank You Teodora for sharing these photos.

    xoxo Ra

  4. Mica says:

    Lovely photos – she is beautiful and they make such a cute couple 🙂


  5. Danielle says:

    This is such a beautiful post about Nadia and her very special day!

  6. What a stunning bride! Such gorgeous photos. I bet it was an amazing wedding 🙂 xoxo

  7. tanja says:

    Mnogo hubavi mladogenci.Pogelavam im ot vse sarce mnogo 6astie.

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