Dream Wedding – Part 2 (the Bridesmaids)


Teodoras lookbook indian sarree and henna

Teodoras Lookbook Nadia's Wedding

Teodoras Lookbook - Nadia's Wedding - Zaira

Teodoras Lookbook indian saree and henna 2

Teodoras Lookbook Indian Saree and Henna

6 Responses to Dream Wedding – Part 2 (the Bridesmaids)

  1. Melissa H. says:

    I love how you all have such a different look and yet are all so beautiful… Seriously T, you look wonderful.

  2. Hi Teo 😀 you and your friends look amazing i love all your dress , the henna the hair , everything looks great, BEAUTIFUL AND LUXURIUS 😀 Kises friend 😉

  3. Mica says:

    You look lovely! What beautiful bridesmaid outfits 🙂 Really colourful!


  4. sarah says:

    I love seeing the wedding pictures! You all look great and I love the vibrant colours of the dresses xo

  5. tanja says:

    Princeso moja,dumite sa izli6ni.Vsi4ki ste prekrasni, no moeto momi4e koki4e e po-po naj.Po-po naj e edno detsko predavane,v koeto vsjaka sabota se izbirat miss i mistar po-po naj.

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