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Hello everyone,

I would like to dedicate this post to

… my biggest supporter and follower

… my best girlfriend

…my favorite person to shop and travel with

…the person that can feel my pain as if it’s her own

…the person who made me what I am today

…the person whose main goal in life is to make me happy

…the person that loves me unconditionally



Tozi post e posveten na …

… moait nai-goliam fen

…nai-dobrata mi priatelka

…choveka, s kogoto obicham nai-mnogo da pazaruvam

…choveka, koito moge da pochuvstva moiata bolka vse edno e neina

…choveka, koito me napravi tova koeto sam dnes

…choveka, chiato glavna cel v givota e da me napravi shtastliva

…choveka, koito me obicha bezuslvono



Teodoras Lookbook3

Teodoras Lookbook 5



A Touch of Mint

Hello everyone,

Aren’t you excited about all the colors in fashion these days? I know I am. I have been looking for ways to incorporate mint (looks like seafoam in the pics) in my wardrobe for a while but did not feel ready to invest into a dress or other big piece that I may not wear next year. It all started with the small ASOS clutch I got from the consignment store “Alexis Suitcase”. I spent hours and hours looking for the matching shoes (I know they don’t have to) but now I am happy that my luck came later as I would have never found these “Ann Taylor” sweeties (on sale too at that time). They are the perfect height and fit with everything! The matching belt is of course a bonus!

Shirt – Elie Tahari
Skirt – Bebe (old)
Shoes – Ann Taylor
Belt – Ann Taylor
Clutch – ASOS but bought consignment from Alexis Suitcase

P.S. I hope you like the henna design I got for Nadia’s wedding!


Teodoras Lookbook daily style Mint shoes

Teodoras Lookbook Daily style Mint2

Teodoras Lookbook Daily style  Mint


Destin, Florida

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you some photos from our girls/ Nadia’s Bachelorette party trip to Destin, Florida. Destin turns out to be my favorite beach vacation spot within reasonable driving distance from my town. We had a lot of laughs, sunshine, shopping, good food, and some other things 🙂 Secret other things. Don’t ask because I am not telling:)



Teodoras Lookbook Travel3

Happy Stripes

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It has been an amazing weekend for me starting with Nadia and Alberto’s wedding reception, followed by a Saturday of furniture shopping, and today has been a great day to catch up with my blog and unwind with my hubby over home-made mojitos and hamburgers. I wore the outfit below to Nadia’s court ceremony but I feel I can wear it every single day – to work, church, brunch with the girls, you name it. I found the dress in a small local consignment store for $14 and it felt like an amazing deal  until I had to pick it up from the alterations shop. I had to have it taken in at the waist a tad bit and I assumed it will cost about $20. But no, it cost me 50 big ones and I learned my lesson to never make assumptions.

Dress – Talbots (Alexis Suitecase Consignment Store)
Jacket – Bebe
Shoes – Antonio Melani
Clutch – Michael Kors
Bracelet – Banana Republic (similar)
Earrings – Francesca’s Collections
Sunglasses – Versace (old)


Till next time, style it up 🙂


Teodoras Lookbook Consignment 3

Teodoras Lookbook Consignment 2

Teodoras Lookbook Consignment 1



Book Review: The Perfect Fit

Hello everyone,

“The Perfect Fit – How to Start an Image Consulting Business” is a wonderful introduction to the field of image consultancy. I found the information on these topics to be quite informative:

– Type of image consultants – personal vs corporate
– Pay potential for the different types of image consultants
– The skills required to be a successful consultants
– And various ideas that will help  differentiate you as an image consultant.

Have you ever thought about getting into this field?


Teodoras lookbook the prefect fit book


Jeans – Kenneth Cole (old)
Jacket – from Bulgaria
Belt – White House Black Market
Sandals – Vince Camuto
Blue top – consignment from Alexis Suitcase Consignment
Sunglasses – Kate Spade

Teodoras Lookbook personal style 2

Teodoras Lookbook personal style

Teodoras Lookbook personal style1