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She Knows the Ropes

Hello everyone,

I may not know my way around the sea, but I am “getting to know the ropes” of nautical fashion. It makes you wonder what makes this style so timeless and classic. I think its association with vacation, sun, sea (freedom), yachts (class), simplicity…I became interested in it as I purchased this navy blue, beautifully-detailed  Silvian Heach jacket from Bulgaria. Over time I realized that I don’t have to always shoot for a complete nautical outfit but I can incorporate various, small sea elements within any outfit. What are some of the typical nautical elements you ask? Navy and white stripes (as in the outfits here and here) is a no brainer but other colors like red, yellow and green will work beautifully. Any accessories that incorporate ropes, chains, and anchors will perfectly express your nostalgia for the sea. Do you love the sea the way I do?


Jacket – Silvian Heach
Dress – Jealous Tomato from Alexis Suitcase
Shoes – Gianni Bini
Clutch – Michael Kors
Sunglasses – Versace
Jewelry – Banana Republic, Michael Kors, Express
Belt – vintage

Teodoras Lookbook Nautical Style 4

Teodoras Lookbook Nautical Style1

Teodoras Lookbook Nautical Style 2

Bare Midriffs Continued

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having an amazing week so far. I finally decided to tap into a trend that I have been observing since last year, but was not sure how to pull it off at this age – bare midriffs. In my teenage years, wearing cropped tops was not a big deal. Now it is a little more challenging as I want to keep it classy and age appropriate. In order to achieve that, I realized there are two main rules I need to keep in mind – keep the bottom high-waisted and the rest of the outfit somewhat conservative, i.e. the long skirt and long-sleeve dress shirt. I wore this outfit at work with a white tank top underneath for a more conservative look. Would you wear a cropped top?

xoxo, Teodora

Shirt – J. Crew
Skirt – Armani Exchange
Shoes & Jewelry- from Bulgaria, i.e. unknown


Teodoras Lookbook Bare Midriff 4

Teodoras Lookbook Bare Midriff1

Teodoras Lookbook Atlanta Fashion


“Fortune befriends the BOLD”

Happy Monday everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Today’s outfit is a mix of several summer “trends” – bold prints, stripes, and vivid color blazers. The print of the skirt has proven to be a goldmine for outfit ideas with its numerous colors and hues. Stripes defy the test of time and I consider them somewhat to be a solid when pairing. And of course, the bright color blazer is the best thing that could have happened to a working girl like me who needs something else to wear besides a sweatshirt in an air-conditioned office.

Blazer – LoveCulture
Striped top – Gap
Skirt – Ann Taylor
Shoes – from Bulgaria, i.e. unknown
Clutch – Michael Kors

Teodoras Lookbook Bold Colors 2

Teodoras Lookbook Bold Colors 3

Teodoras Lookbook Bold Colors1

Pastel Love

Hello sweeties,

The more I learn about fashion the more I understand that it is very challenging to stay up to date with the latest styles. While I am still contemplating what other skimpy outfit I can wear to make it more bearable in the heat, the magazines are featuring booties, leather, coats and other fall fashions. Provided the temperatures outside, it is hard for me to focus on FUR so I will talk about other favorable trend of mine this summer – pastel colors.

I think that pastel colors pair best with other pastels so my outfit is pastel from head to toe. Pastel denim is a wonderful substitute for white denim so now I clad my pastel pink jeans in all outfits I used to pair with white. I would wear this ensemble to brighten my work day as my office environment allows it but it will be great for the “Magic Mike” movie night I have been planning with my girlfriends. Have you seen it yet?

xoxo, Teodora

Jeans – Target
Sweater – Ann Taylor
T-shirt – Guess
Shoes – Ann Taylor
Clutch – ASOS


Teodoras Lookbook Pastel Colors1

Teodoras Lookbook Pastel Colors 2

Teodoras Lookbook Pastel Colors 3

Teodoras Lookbook Pastel Colors 4




Style (or not) Book : Display of Power

Hello everyone,

So “Display of Power” by Daymond John is not really a style book; it is more a story about “fashion, branding and lifestyle”. I have never heard of Daymond John or FUBU (no offense, it is me to blame) before I discovered one of my favorite TV shows of all times – “Shark Tank” (more about it here). “Display of Power” is a great book for everyone, not only fashion lovers. It is inspirational on many levels – from finding the power within, to succeeding through determination and commitment, to believing in what you do, and not accepting “no” for an answer. Daymond talks about the importance of branding, especially for fashion business, by sharing how FUBU (For Us, By Us) was born. I love the numerous anecdotal stories that help prove his point as the story about Timberland’s marketing misstep that inspired him to create FUBU. If you want to take a break from all the fictional read around you and you ever dream of career in fashion, I highly recommend that you take a look at Daymond’s story!



Denim Shirt – Love Culture
Dress – Talbots from Alexis Suitcase
Clutch – Michael Kors
Jewelry – Michael Kors
Shoes – Gianni Bini


Teodoras Lookbook atlanta fashion1

Teodoras Lookbook Atlanta fashion 2

Teodoras Lookbook casual style stripe dress1