She Knows the Ropes

Hello everyone,

I may not know my way around the sea, but I am “getting to know the ropes” of nautical fashion. It makes you wonder what makes this style so timeless and classic. I think its association with vacation, sun, sea (freedom), yachts (class), simplicity…I became interested in it as I purchased this navy blue, beautifully-detailed  Silvian Heach jacket from Bulgaria. Over time I realized that I don’t have to always shoot for a complete nautical outfit but I can incorporate various, small sea elements within any outfit. What are some of the typical nautical elements you ask? Navy and white stripes (as in the outfits here and here) is a no brainer but other colors like red, yellow and green will work beautifully. Any accessories that incorporate ropes, chains, and anchors will perfectly express your nostalgia for the sea. Do you love the sea the way I do?


Jacket – Silvian Heach
Dress – Jealous Tomato from Alexis Suitcase
Shoes – Gianni Bini
Clutch – Michael Kors
Sunglasses – Versace
Jewelry – Banana Republic, Michael Kors, Express
Belt – vintage

Teodoras Lookbook Nautical Style 4

Teodoras Lookbook Nautical Style1

Teodoras Lookbook Nautical Style 2

7 Responses to She Knows the Ropes

  1. Nadia Huda says:

    As usual you look fabulous. I have always loved your nautical look, and you are right it is timeless. Now you need to help me find my nautical look:)

    As to your friend Sasha, that pic is so cute. My time is coming soon to say good bye to Toby! We need to take some pictures.

  2. Mica says:

    Lovely nautical look! Your blazer is so cute!

  3. Tanja says:

    I otnovo mi zamirisa na more.4udesna kombinazia..

  4. Sarah says:

    This is such a fun, unique take on the nautical look!

  5. Melissa H says:

    And you think you don’t have a way with words! I love the way you describe things and how you see everything.. This look is stunning T.. You look gorgeous..

  6. Ramona says:

    Teodora, You look amazing! Loveing this look from head to toe. so charming, feminine and romantic.

    xoxo Ra

  7. this dress y so delicate i love it, also with te gold accesories are a amazing look

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