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Getting Ready

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for being absent – I am getting ready for the “Big Trip”. I will be going on my annual Bulgaria trip and every year I ask myself the same question – what is the fashion like back home? Am I going to fit right in? Although the big cities have the same stores (ZARA, H&M), the rest of the country follows more of a local style. I am proud to say, however, that Bulgarian women are quite stylish 🙂

I will also make sure to visit your blogs as soon as possible – because you know what – I need an inspiration. I miss seeing both the latest trends and classic fashions, as well as the best way to style them. So I promise to say hello really soon.

xoxo, Teodora

Blazer – Banana Republic
Denim shirt – Love Culture
Skirt – Anthropologie from Alexis Suitcase
Shoes – Michael Kors
Cross-body purse – Francesca’s Collections

Teodoras Lookbook Atlanta style1

Teodoras Lookbook Atlanta Style

Teodoras Lookbook Atlanta Style 2

InStyle Magazine

Hello everyone,

I am so thrilled to share  with you that InStyle magazine featured one of my pictures in the September issue. Needless to say, I love InStyle and I find constant inspiration on its pages.

xoxo, Teodora


Teodoras Lookbook Instyle

Meow, meow

I though I have expired all my options of styling this ASOS skirt until I saw the July issue of InStyle magazine. Their feature was on animal-print pants but there was no reason why I could not apply it to the more feminine version of that same pattern. Their idea was of styling it with a classic top that would first create a balance for an otherwise frisky print and second would make the outfit appropriate for any occasion. The simple, yet perfectly matching accessories, give a great finish to this style. Don’t you think?  Take the memory lane with a look at my other styling versions of the animal print pencil skirt.

xoxo, Teodora

Denim Shirt – LoveCulture
Animal-print Pencil Skirt – ASOS
Leather Buckle Sandal/Watch – Michael Kors
Purse – Francesca’s Collections


Teodoras Lookbook Animal Print Pencil Skirt 4

Teodoras Lookbook Animal Print Pencil Skirt 2

Teodoras Lookbook Animal Print Pencil Skirt 3

Teodoras Lookbook animal print pencil skirt

Easter Egg

Hello my dears,

I am so in love with this bouquet of pastel colors. Their softness and muted hues makes me feel so feminine, innocent (haha) and happy. Did you enjoy pastels this summer?

Xoxo, Teodora

Jacket – Zara
Shirt – Zara
Jeans – Target
Shoes,belt – Ann Taylor
Clutch ASOS from Alexis Suitcase

Teodoras Lookbook Pastel colors outfit

Teodoras Lookbook Pastel colors outfit 4

Teodoras Lookbook pastel colors outfit2

Teodoras Lookbook Pastel outfit 6

Setting Sail

While everyone is living the excitement of fall fashion, I am still making a splash with a summer, nautical inspired look. It has not been a month since I last featured a nautical outfit, but my infatuation with a seafaring style is stronger than ever. It might be because I was born in the summer, or maybe because I wanted to be a pirate as a child, or maybe, just maybe, because of my dream of Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Although the basic nautical look is built on horizontal stripes, I think that this vertical “bleeding stripes” top is a great substitute. Red colored accessories would have provided a great pop of color but due to the lack of those, my mustard color purse came to my rescue. However, the most exciting part of this outfit for me are the accessories, and specifically the anchor earrings. How cute are those?

xoxo, Teodora

Top – Talbots from Alexis Suitcase
White Jeans – Calvin Klein
Blue Cap Toe Shoes – Ann Taylor
Purse – Francesca’s Collections


Teodoras Lookbook Nautical style accessories

Teodoras Lookbook Nautical Accessories

Teodoras Lookbook Nautcal style accessories 2