Cool like dat

Hello everyone,

With fall almost here, I would have to bid adieu to one of the coolest colors there is: mint. It is hard for me to not wear mint from head to toe and to keep it in small doses. Although considered a cool color, if mint is your favorite color, it means you are modest, insightful and kind-hearted. Wait, you are these things but mint is not your favorite? LOL. Do you believe in meanings of colors?

Linen/Cotton Mint Jacket – ZARA
Skirt – Ann Taylor
Shoes – Ann Taylor
Purse – Michael Kors (borrowed from mommy)


Teodoras Lookbook Mint Fashion4

Teodoras Lookbook Mint Fashion2

Teodoras Lookbook Mint Fashion 3

Teodoras Lookbook Mint fashion1

3 Responses to Cool like dat

  1. Andrea says:

    ahh i love mint too..such a cute colour! but my favourite for fall is burgundy 🙂 you look amazing as always!

  2. Tanja says:

    Gledam az poznat fon,poznata 4anta,poznata krasavischa i se 4udja li 4udja otkade sa mi poznati.

  3. Mica says:

    Your mint jacket is gorgeous 🙂 I love your skirt too 🙂

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