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Designer B Michael

Hello everyone,

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet Designer B Michael in celebration of his B Michael America Red collection launch at Lenox Macy’s. He was very nice, easy to talk to and willing to chat about his collection. It was inspired by the striking ensembles the designer created in part for Whitney Houston in the movie “Sparkle.” I would classify the style of the collection as CCC – clean, classy and conservative. I would love to wear one of his pieces for work, a classy date or a Sunday brunch.

xoxo, Teodora

Teodoras Lookbook Designer B Michael2

Teodoras Lookbook Designer B Michael

Teodoras Lookbook Designer B Michael 6

Teodoras Lookbook Designer B Michael 7

Teodoras Lookbook Designer B Michael4

Made some new friends

Shirt – Ann Taylor
Skirt – ASOS
Purse – BORGAN

Teodoras Lookbook burgundy leopard print

Teodoras Lookbook burgundy leopard print3

Teodoras Lookbook burgundy leopard print4

Remember the summer?

I am thoroughly enjoying fall and cooler fashion styles but I could not stop from feeling some nostalgia for the uninhibited feeling of vacations, the summer breeze, the aromas and sounds of the beach, the freshness of the food, and most of all the time spent with my family.


Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-4

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-2

I miss my mommy

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-10

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-9

Converted Bulgarian 🙂

Fish Spa

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-11

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-13

How to double your wardrobe

It is very simple. Just “steal” pieces from your husband, boyfriend, brother, “buddy”….It all has to be done very strategically. Arrange a shopping outing for your “source of new clothes” and while helpfully suggesting pieces for him keep in mind how it would look on you. Again, as the best wife, girlfriend, etc., you would do the laundry and dry in the dryer clothes you should not be drying so they conveniently shrink enough to be too small for him but still big enough for you. Or if you have your man wrapped around your finger, this is all very easy:)

Shirt- Calvin Klein
Jeans – ZARA
Shoes – ZARA
Sunglasses – Kate Spade

Teodoras Lookbook Boyfriend Shirt 3

Teodoras Lookbook Boyfriend shirt2

Teodoras Lookbook boyfriend shirt

Teodoras Lookbook boyfriend shirt

Teodoras Lookbook boyfriend shirt5

Little Red Lips

There are so many reasons that make me enjoy this ensemble – the clash of classic and edgy, the tailored fit, the red lips… I read this quote in the September InStyle issue and wanted to share it with you:

“Red lipstick is to beauty what the Little Black Dress is to fashion. The difference is that when you walk into a room wearing a red lip, people notice you.” Francois Nars

Blazer – ZARA
Dress – from Bulgaria
Shoes – Jessica Simpson
Clutch – Talbots form Alexis Suitcase
Belt – Cache

Teodoras Lookbook Peplum dress 4

Teodoras Lookbook Peplum Dress 1

Teodoras Lookbook peplums dress

Teodoras Lookbook Peplum Dress 5

My Go-To Outfit

Every morning, I leave the house in anticipation to see my complete outfit in the mirror glass of my office’s building. As I don’t own a full length mirror, I always run the risk of leaving the house with mismatched shoes or socks. Luckily, this outfit was the perfect match and some may consider it too much of a match. The ensemble was inspired by Blair with Atlantic-Pacific and her perfectly-styled plaid-shirt and bright-jackets looks. I love the shirt for its tailored fit and opportunities for layering, and the jackets for its bright color and structured shape. I think they are a lovely match, DON’T YOU?

Color Blazer – Arden B.
Plaid shirt – J. Crew
Jeans – ZARA
Shoes – Michael Kors
Purse – Borgan

Teodoras Lookbook plaid shirt

Teodoras Lookbook plaid shirt 2

Teodoras Lookbook plaid shirt 4

Teodoras Lookbook Plaid Shirt1