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Wagging It

This outfit was inspired by a visit with my friends Nadia and Alberto last weekend and their furry bundles of joy Zoe and Lexy. Unfortunately I don’t have good photos of them as every attempt to catch a moment of stillness was fruitless. Since I was not able to take Zoe and Lexy home, the next best thing was to find a cozy and soft to the touch sweater with a puppy on it. I was lucky to find this gem among a number of other treasures on the shelves of C. Wonder. This new store in Atlanta is part of a chain started by Christopher Burch, Tory Burch’s ex-husband.

Here is my experience in a few words:

  • As C. Burch describes it, the style is “basic with a twist”. If you like J. Crew, you may find a thing or two you like at C. Wonder
  • Yet to experience the quality, but prices seem to be comparable if not better than J. Crew
  • A great atmosphere due to an in-house DJ and an amazing decor
  • I love the three types of products offered- apparel, jewelry and home accessories
  • I can’t wait to go back and get a reversible belt with an interchangeable letter buckle

Sweater – C. Wonder
Emerald color dress shirt – Ann Taylor
Skirt – Ann Taylor
Shoes – Gianni Bini
Purse – Borgan


Teodoras Lookbook puppy print sweater1

Teodoras Lookbook puppy print sweater

Teodoras Lookbook puppy print sweater2

How I sport the burgundy trend

My hubby blamed my “crush” on burgundy fashion to my weakness for wine so I had to explain to him it is more “complicated” as Facebook puts it. Bordeaux color is like the “perfect date” and here is why.

The Perfect Date (my hubby) = Burgundy Color

1. Exciting but not crazy (date) = Burgundy color is not as boring as brown and it is not as provocative as red, so just perfect (color)

2. Looks great with me:) = Bordeaux color works with most complexions.

3. Loves leather just like me = Oxblood color looks amazing on leather. Check out Elle Macpherson!

4. Makes me forget about other men = It makes me forget about my infatuation with summer and pastels.

5. Gets along with everyone = It pairs great with many colors as if neutral but looks best with nude, forrest/hunter green, marigold, pumpkin, and peach.

Burgundy Shirt – Ann Taylor
Print Pants – Ann Taylor
Burgundy Shoes – Franco Sarto from Dillards
Purse – BORGAN

Teodoras Lookbook burgundy fashion2

Teodoras Lookbook burgundy fashion1

Teodoras Lookbook burgundy fashion 3



This post is not really about achromatic colors. For those of you, as well as I, who didn’t know what achromatic is, it means “without color” like black, white and gray. This post is more about how black meets white, yin meets yang, female meets male, shadow meets light. For me, black and white in fashion are not contrasting colors but “complimentary” forces that interact to create a better, funkier style:)

The reasons why I like black/white fashion are clear as black and white – proportions are hard to mess up and color mismatch is even harder. And who would turn down another chance to wear ruby red lipstick – the best accessory for yin-yang style?

xoxo, Teodora

Teodoras Lookbook black white achromatic fashion6

Teodoraslookbook black white achromatic fashion3

Teodoras Lookbook black white achromatic fashion2

Teodoras Lookbook Black White achromatic fashion




Today I spoke to a friend I have not heard from in a long time. She said she enjoys reading my blog and that what I do is great as long as I am having fun. Sometimes we focus too much on what is right and what is wrong, on what is expected from us and we forget to relish every minute of our lives. I don’t want to get caught in the daily grind and let life pass me by as if I am dreaming. I want to be conscious of every minute I do something, and I want that something to be different, exciting and enriching. When I say “exciting” I don’t mean bungee jumping or sex on the plane. I mean things I have experienced as a byproduct of my blog: learning a new skill like sewing, meeting amazing people like Taneisha and Al with, arranging a photo-shoot (pictures coming soon), and wearing things like a peplum dress.

Well, wearing peplum is not as dramatic as it seems or as some people have portrayed it to be.  For me, it is more of a accessory so I don’t go overboard with other accessories. Also, when talking peplum, I prefer smartly tailored styles, less print, more ruffles, especially if created by a waist clincher. So many reasons to like peplum, starting with its hour-glass accentuating qualities, Jennifer Aniston, and its 19th century birth (everyone who knows me well is familiar with my weakness to period drama).

Dress – from Bulgaria
Shoes – ALDO
Clutch – Talbots ftom Alexis Suitcase 

Teodoras Lookbook Peplum Dress1

Teodoras Lookbook Peplum Dress 4

Teodoras Lookbook Peplum Dress 5

Teodoras Lookbook Peplum Dress 6