Plaid Sequins Skirt

Hello everyone,

I would have never guessed that my just off-the press sequins skirt might as well be another version of my belly dancing belt or of the Bulgarian folk costumes. Back in the days of  kings and queens, the material of choice for sequins were gold and jewels and that is why later on they took the Italian world for gold coin as their first name : Zecchino.  So if sequins are good enough for King Tut (he was quite the fashionado), for traveling gypsies, and the flappers of the 20’s dance halls, they are good enough for me.

So far I have enjoyed wearing my “light reflector” skirt in a more casual style and would love to next time glam it up a little. Maybe paired with a solid, flowy, silky shirt or with a sexy peplum style top? What do you think?

xoxo, Teodora

Sequins Skirt – Cwonder
Burgundy Shirt – Ann Taylor
Burgundy color shoes – Franco Sarto from Dillards
Accessories – Francescas’s Collections

Teodoras Lookbook plaid sequins skirt

Teodoras Lookbook Plaid Sequins Skirt2

Teodoras Lookbook plaid sequins skirt 3

3 Responses to Plaid Sequins Skirt

  1. Andrea says:

    wow i love this skirt! i think it would look amazing with a black peplum top!! you look fabulous!

  2. tanja says:

    Makar 4e mnogo stilove ne sa mi poznati,moga da kaga 4e vsi4ko e prekrasno sa4etano.

  3. Mica says:

    Love the colours in this outfit! That sequin skirt is a real statement piece 🙂

    I think it would look great with a peplum top! 🙂

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