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Plaid sequins – comfort and glitz

The plaid pattern has been slowly and surely creeping into my wardrobe. It first started as a shirt and it has graduated to a sequin skirt. Pairing tartan print and a sequin piece has dominated the blogosphere for a while. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to see them combined in ONE as part of Tory Burch Fall 2012 Lookbook. And then I had a mission – to find an affordable alternative… Do you think I have succeeded?

xoxo, Teodora

Shirt, sweater and skirt – C. Wonder

Teodoraslookbook plaid sequins

Teodoras Lookbook Plaid Sequins 3

Teodoras Lookbook Plaid Sequins 2

Trend or not?

Hello everyone,

I have enjoyed the military-inspired trend for a long time. In fact, it has been so long that it made me think – is it a trend or not? For me, a trend is a fleeting and short lived style – a couple of months or even a year or two. Infatuation with army chic seems to have started back in 2008. It is alive and well based on a recent article in Instyle magazine. Why is that? Is it because neutral colors like army green, olive and khaki look good on everyone? Or is it because it is  functional and comfortable? What are your thoughts?

xoxo, Teodora

Shirt – BEBE
Jeans – ZARA
Brown Leather Boots – Enzo Angiolini
Purse – BORGAN
Blazer – BCBG Outlet
NecklacePurchased from Debra Kulas at the Pretty in Pink event


Teodoras Lookbook Military chic

Teodoras Lookbook military tre

Teodoras Lookbook military trend3

Teodoras Lookbook military trend1

Where cats and dogs are best friends

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great start of the week. Needless to say, I love this doggy graphic sweater. If you like to explore this trend, at the end of the post I have shared some sources where you can find more members of the animal kingdom.



Graphic Sweater – C Wonder
Jeans – ZARA
Shoes – ALDO
Scarf- The Grand Bazaar in Turkey
Stripe shirt – Banana Republic

Teodoras Lookbook graphic sweater 2

Teodoras Lookbook graphic sweater1

Animal graphic sweaters

Markus Lupfer knit cat sweater
$420 –

Knit top

Sparkle Fade scoop neck top

Black knit sweater
$24 –

Bright Idea

Hello everyone,

Although I don’t yet own winter coats in staple colors like camel and black, I decided to be bold and brighten my holidays this year with a bright red winter coat. This eye catching piece is more versatile than one would expect and I would like to prove that to you. Over the next few months, you will see it paired with:

– Jeans for taking care of daily errands
– Little back dress or other formal piece for your holiday party
– A work appropriate attire to spice up those 8-5 hours

Of course, you may want to pull off some sexy coat flashing like Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs. I will let you come up with your own pairing for sexy coat flashing:)

xoxo, Teodora

Teodoras Lookbook Red Coat
Teodoras Lookbook Red Coat 2
Teodoras Lookbook Red Coat 3

Pretty in Pink

Hello everyone,

I wanted to introduce to you the ladies with Pink City Atlanta. I had the opportunity to meet them at the “Pretty in Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness event organized by Pink City Atlanta Chapter.Yes, there is a lot if “PINK” in this post but what is a better color to represent these fun, brave, beautiful, and philanthropic girls. They host “exciting, cutting-edge, alternative events” for women in Atlanta and I cannot wait to learn more about their most successful event – the “Exclusive For Who I am Bachelorette Expo” as I have a number of gorgeous single girlfriends.






 What I Wore:

Jeans – Target
Shirt – ZARA
Shoes – Michael Kors
Bag – Borgan

Teodoras Lookbook Pink City 3

Teodoras Lookbook Pink City 2