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“Curly” Jacket

Hello everyone,

Have you yet spotted the perfect boucle jacket that will protect you against the summer breeze or the office chill? Boucle (from French “to curl”) jacket has been re-invented and has made a comeback with a bang.  Boucle refers to the yarn the jacket is made of and specifically the two-three threads used to create this yarn.  One thread is usually looser than the others, creating a bumpier look. That multidimensional texture has inspired fabric makers to come up with new fabrics that will fit everyone’s taste and budget.

1) “Too conservative for me” – No way. Pair with cropped skinny jeans, a simple tank top and flirty ballet flats for a more relaxed look. Or take it to the next level by pairing with 4-inch heels and a pearl top. This is my “having fun with the girls” look. It is definitely girly, right?

2) For the office – If you wish to keep it stylish for the office, yet cool, replace the knee – length skirt with an acceptable miniskirt. By keeping the shirt out, I was trying to achieve less structured and formal look.

3) Casual Friday – This is my Casual Friday go-to outfit. Dark wash boot-cut jeans, paired with a dress shirt and topped with a boucle jacket. Sounds plain? Not when you are creating a layering by combining similar colors and contrasting textures.

As you can see, I have a weakness to monochromatic (one-hue) pastel pairings. I can wear mint, lavender, and pink all day, every day. How would you pair a boucle or like-boucle jacket?

 Teodora B spring office jacket

Teodora B spring office jacket-jeans

Chanel Inspired "Boucle" Jacket

Teodora B. Chanel Inspired “Boucle” Jacket

How to enjoy the 2013 Pantone color of the year:emerald – Part 2

Emerald comes in so many shades, making it the perfect seasonal and day-to-night transition color. The pieces I have selected for this Polyvore collage are ideal for spring and summer. Selecting a one-piece such as a pleated dress, creates an instant and complete outfit. If you’re shy to the emerald color, consider a separate such as a skirt or an accessory such as a necklace. Emerald is luxurious enough to be easily paired with neutral colors and that might be the best option for an office outfit. More creative work environments may select a monochromatic (one color) look as emerald plays well with other variations of the green color. My favorite pairings for emerald, however, come from across the color wheel – red and orange. What is your favorite?

xoxo, Teodora


Emerald fashion (emerald dress)

emerald color pairing

Emerald Color Pairing

How to enjoy the Pantone color of the year:emerald – Part 1

Maybe you are not ready to dive into this luminous color from head to toe. Even separates in this lush hue might prove to be too much for some of you. The thought of bringing it to the office or getting it wrong might be just plain scary. Luckily, there are so many other ways to incorporate this brazen and vivid color through accessories. Even when emerald is only an accent piece, however, it would inadvertently draw attention through its sophistication and elegance.

My love for emeralds was revived by Angelina Jolie and her Lorraine Schwartz 115-carat Colombian emerald drop earrings and matching 65-carat ring back in the 2009 Oscars. Although pale brunettes have the greatest advantage in showcasing this color, I believe with its wide variety of hues, emerald is universal and  fitting for all. When looking for accessories, I focused on darker hues of emerald and when searching for clothing, I focused on lighter colors fitting for spring and summer.

Although emerald is Pantone color of the year, I believe before that it is the color of SPRING. What better color to celebrate growth, renewal, and harmony than emerald. Being surrounded by green during this season makes it so natural and easy to incorporate it in your office wardrobe. If you are not afraid to create additional pop and contrast, pair emerald right next to a shade of red. Green never looks more luminous and green than when paired with red. Selecting lighter hues of both would guarantee that you don’t look festive and “holidayish”.

Teodora B Red White Stripes Office Top 848 x 1000

Teodora B Red White Office Top 848 x 1000 -1

Emerald color accessories - Fashion Trends 2013

Teodora B. Lookbook

Although Teodora B. has been in existence for less than a month, I am often asked the question what I like the most about working on the boutique. This can be an extensive topic but my recent experience with organizing a photo-shoot was quite the rewarding experience, so I decided to devote my post on it. I have to say, it was intimidating at first. Myriad of questions were popping in my head – where can I find a model, photographer and a make up artist? Would it look professional? What about the weather – we are shooting a Spring Lookbook in a 30F degree weather. I got to realize a couple of things:

1. I cannot do it all. Or I can, but not as good as a professional would do it.
2. There are things I can control and there are occasions when I cannot be in the driver’s seat.
3. It all works out in the end. Have no fear.

To sum it all up, I believe the Serenity Prayer fits perfectly:

‘God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.’

I hope through this first Lookbook, I was able to relate what Teodora B. is all about. I am set to prove that you don’t have to leave your creativity and style at home every morning. You can build a wardrobe that reflects the latest trends, your charisma, the office etiquette and most of all, your personality. What do you think, have I achieved that?

Black & White Sheath Dress

Black & White Sheath Dress

Black & White Sheath Dress

Black & White Sheath Dress

Teodora B Red Sheer Sleeve

Teodora B Fuchsia Peplum Office Dress

Teodora B Fuchsia Peplum Office Dress

Teodora B Pink Pleated Dress

 Teodora b high waist mustard office dress

Teodora B high waist office dress mustard 848

Teodora B high-waist office dress in mustard