At work and at play

Hello everyone,

There are so many articles listing what you should and what you should not wear to work, what is appropriate and what not. This blog is not about that. It is about wearing what fits and what feels good physically and spiritually. Feeling good about an outfit may come from feeling confident and powerful in it to feeling good about finding the dream piece at a bargain. If wearing black and grey to the office is what you like, so be it. In fact, here is a link to my Pinterest Black & White – Achromatic Fashion Board with some amazing two tone outfits for the office. But if you have the slightest inclination to incorporate some color in your work style but you are afraid to stand out in the office, please go for it. Showing some creativity would not take the promotion away from you, it will only enhance your image of creativity and leadership.

Or if you are bold and if your office allows, you can go ALL color. This outfit was inspired by a recent Ralph Lauren ad I fell in love it. I liked it so much that I had to come up with two versions – “at work” and “at play”. Again, there is no universal “business style” appropriate for all offices, but I can definitely see this outfit in a more creative work environment. So here is how I took it from “at work” to “at play”:

1) Ditched my beloved blue pointed-toe flats for open-toe, patent platforms. My propensity to have more fun just jumped by 4 inches.
2) Added a bright, bold, chunky jewelry – the best conversation-starter piece I have ever owned. Who knew jewelery had such an amazing power.
3) Add a flirtatious touch to your look by enhancing your make-up colors or by adding some summer waves to your hair. I tend to straighten my hair for the office and add some spirals for the after hours.
4) Show off that joyous print that you have been hiding all day behind your tailored blazer, even if it is a bright cobalt blue blazer.
5) Put on your best accessory – your smile. You are off work after all 🙂

At Work and at Play

At Work and at Play

Colorful Office Style

Colorful Office Style

Bird Print Spring Top

Bird Print Spring Top

Cobalt Blue Blazer – Arden B.
Bird Print Top – Teodora B.
Skirt – Ann Taylor


2 Responses to At work and at play

  1. Mica says:

    Love both the work and play versions! It’s such a nice printed top 🙂 My office is very casual so I could definitely get away with either version! 🙂

    Away From Blue

  2. tanja says:

    4udesno dokazatelstvo za tova ,4e kogato 4ovek razbira moge vsi4ko da kombinira i to da izglega 4udesno.

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