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Pastels Office Fashion

Hello everyone,

As a representative of the girlie girls, I love swimming in a sea of pastel colors. I believe that pastel colors and I have something in common. While my character is indecisive, pastel colors could not decide if they want to be whites or if they want to be light colors, so they just got stuck in between. My first dive in these lovely hues was by pairing this mint ZARA jacket and peach Ann Taylor  sweater with a soft pink pair of jeans from Target. Some of my other favorite pastels are lavender, primrose yellow, baby blue, and jade green. The best pairing for pastel colors, in my opinion, are other pastel colors. That is why, in my search for work alternative styling ideas for this peachy/salmon skirt, I defaulted to this baby blue pink top from ZARA. And if there was any doubt about the femininity of this outfit, the navy blue ribbon of the skirt dissipated it completely.

Pastel Color Top – ZARA
Salmon Skirt – Teodora B.
Mint Clutch – ASOS
Python Print Shoes – Ann Taylor
Mint Ribbon Sunglasses – Kate Spade
Photography: Donald Iaukea

Teodora B. office fashion pastels

TeodoraB office fashion in pastel colors

Peplum in the Office

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you some of the ways I have really enjoyed wearing peplum at work. Peplum is one of the trends that has been popular for a while and can be worn both at work and at play. I hope it stays around for a long, long time. Luckily, peplum can be a part of dresses, skirts, tops and even pants. Blair with Atlantic-Pacific wears this trend beautifully by sporting a peplum leather-like belt from ZARA or by layering two peplum pieces. But if you are still new to this trend, here is how you can easily add some feminine touches to your wardrobe: