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Burgundy Peplum Dress

Hello everyone,

There is no surprise that I really enjoy the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Ron and I both share a deep love for cheesy jokes and for the color burgundy. When that rich, vivid hue meets a beautifully structured dress, I am happy. I wore this dress for a date night with my boo (he loves my endearing names) but it can easily be styled up or down for the appropriate office environment.

What are some of the best colors to pair with burgundy? I found this great article explaining how to use the color wheel to pair colors based on monochromatic, complimentary, analogous, and triadic combinations. Here are some of the colors I think will look great with burgundy for fall based on that theory (in addition to what I have on the pictures): navy, orangered, mustard, forest green. How would you pair?

Burgundy color pairings

Dress: Teodora B. Burgundy Peplum Dress
Bow belt – Nordstrom
Shoes – Gianni Bini burgundy peplum dress burgundy peplum dress burgundy peplum dress

When an outfit comes together…

Hello everyone and Happy Monday Morning!

Beautiful photography is essential for an online clothing business. It has been one of the greatest challenges I have faced in owning the online store. I had to make a decision if I want to outsource that piece of the business and to what extent. Since styling is something I truly enjoy, outsourcing the whole process was out of the question. There are many people involved in a photoshoot and the opportunity for redoing the photos are pretty slim, so I always feel anxious if the photos will turn out the way I want them. I was excited to see that our latest photoshoot with the beautiful model Melissa was a success. What do you think? Would you wear this outfit to work?

Teodora B. wave ruffle cardigan
Teodora B. beige pencil skirt work wear navy wave ruffle cardigan work wear navy cardigan work wear navy wave ruffle cardigan work wear navy wave ruffle cardigan

Fall fashion in navy colors

Hello everyone,

Beautiful and sweet Tani with Bohemian Vanity made me think about my favorite season. Is it summer? Is it fall? I would probably say it depends on the country. In my native land of Bulgaria, it is summer, and at my current location (Atlanta, GA), it is fall. I think these pictures represent best what I love about fall : the colors, the indirect sunlight, the muted tones of fashion, and the fresh air (you can picture that:). This is my favorite office look of the moment:

Teodora B. Navy Long sleeve Printed Blouse
Teodora B. Navy/mustard Ribbon Skirt





Lace Trim Waist Ponte Sheath Dress

Good morning everyone!

Even the strong and invincible Olivia Pope went out of her way to wear this dress. She exchanged her signature pants style for a feminine, yet confident number from Michael Kors for Fitz’s inauguration day. Just to confirm the appeal of this dress, we saw it again on Savi on the TV series Mistresses.

Black White Lace Trim Dress

Here is another alternative to this amazing dress available on