Maternity Style in Mint

Hello everyone,

Most of you already know that we are expecting a little baby girl in July. The first three months I thought that maternity fashion is not a big deal but as the pounds are growing at an exponential rate, I realize how wrong I was. If you only have to accommodate for a growing baby bump, you can probably wear your stretchy regular items for a while but if you rack up additional 20 pounds in the first 4 months, you have to go shopping. So I waited until the end of the 4 month to go shopping for maternity clothes. Since I want my husband to experience the pregnancy with me, I dragged him to Motherhood Maternity. I decided that I need to stay under $50 per pair of jeans and under $30 per shirt. One of the jean brands they carry is sold at $44 so I ended up with jeans in mint, light purple and blue. The fact that two of those pairs are skinny shows that I am far from the days I felt too self-conscious of my body. I will just keep my fingers crossed that they will fit over the next 2 months 🙂

Mint Detail Jacket – Teodora B. (also worn here)
Jeans – Motherhood Maternity
Sunglasses – Kate Spade
Shoes – Ann Taylor (old)

Maternity jean outfit in mint



3 Responses to Maternity Style in Mint

  1. Melissa H says:

    Teodora! You look absolutely wonderful. Pregnancy looks amazing on you. I love how the colors are so fitting and look so bright. Gaining weight during pregnancy is a definite so looking great with outfits like this will help during those moments when you look in the mirror and wonder where your body went. Lol lots of love to you Mama, Daddy, and Baby girl!

  2. Mica says:

    You are looking beautiful with your baby bump! 🙂

    Love that you went for some bright maternity jeans too – they will cheer you up when you wear them! 🙂

    Congrats again on your pregnancy! 🙂

    Away From Blue

  3. Tani says:

    Oh my dear you look so lovely with your little baby bump! The mint jean you got is amazing, i like the shape and colour. I guess gaining some weight when preggy is just normal but you can still be very happy cause you are BEAUTIFUL! Have a fab week! xx Tani

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