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Date Night Outfit

Hello everyone,

This outfit may have not won your choice for Valentine’s Day outfit here but I still got to wear it for a date night. I think that the colors, the floral accents and the lace add a romantic feel to the ensemble. What I love about it is that each piece holds on its own and can be styled differently for the occasion. The skirt is as appropriate for work as it is for date night. The tops looks great with pencil skirt as well as with jeans. And the jacket of course is my favorite of all time. I can’t wait to go back to Bulgaria this summer to shop again at the Luisa Spagnoli store. What do you love most about this outfit?

Outfit Details

Jacket – old Luisa Spagnoli – very stylish similar and similar
Skirt ASOS – similar
Top – Teodora B.
Shoes – Sarah Jessica Parker

Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-top copyTeodoras-Lookbook-floral-top-5Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-top - 6 Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-top - 8 Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-top - 9Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-top-4 copyTeodoras-Lookbook-floral-top-1 copy

Preppy V-neck sweaters

Hello everyone!

I was inspired to find a deep v-neck, two tone preppy sweater by one of my favorite bloggers, Henar with Oh My Vogue.  As you can imagine, a summer version in black and white is on my wish list as I plan to recreate her look completely. The Limited also offers black and white version (winter) along with the one I have and I had a hard time picking only one. I made my choice once I pictured the red and blue sweater with the red polka dot skirt, also from the Limited.

Outfit Details

Skirt – The Limited Preppy V-neck Sweater – not available in blue and red but I think that this Ralph Loren blue and white version is as stunning. Summer versions available here and here.

Sweater – The Limited Printed Pencil Skirt – The dress is also a beautiful alternative and this black and white alternative will look great with the sweaters above.

Shoes (old) but these are on my wish list.

Teodoras-Lookbook-thelimited-vneck-sweater Teodoras-Lookbook-thelimited-vneck-sweater1 Teodoras-Lookbook-thelimited-vneck-sweater2 Teodoras-Lookbook-thelimited-vneck-sweater5

Navajo/Southwestern Prints

Hello Everyone!

For the longest time I thought that southwestern prints were too casual for my style. With some imagination, however, they can be so versatile. With that said, I have picked a black and white navajo print jacket which is easier to dress up than the multicolor options. The triple layering worked out perfectly for the low temperatures on that day. I hope you like it.

Outfit details

Teodora B. Navajo Print Jacket – here is another alternative.

Ann Taylor Jeans but I think these Joe’s Jeans on sale will work great as well.

Laundry Coat by Shelli Segal but this looks great as well.

Sarah Jessica Parker shoes from Nordstrom, acquired again during the Half-Yearly sale.


Teodoras-Lookbook-Navajo-Print-Jacket3Teodoras-Lookbook-Navajo-Print-Jacket8 copyTeodoras-Lookbook-Navajo-Print-Jacket7

Clover Canyon Dress

Hello everyone!

I added this dress to my collection during Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale last year. It took me a while to feel comfortable in it after baby as it is pretty form-fitting. It is definitely a winter dress and with the spring approaching, I had to find an occasion to wear it. It is not your typical afternoon tea party dress but I decided to wear it for my friend’s birthday tea party provided evening out was harder to arrange with the baby around.

Long before I wore it, I ran into a post by Jean with Extra Petite, who gave a very good overview of the material and fit. Of course, the fit is completely different for me. It is much shorter and definitely not appropriate for work but I think it still fits great. Rarely you can find a dress that fits very different body shapes. I have to agree that all prints on the dress were positioned strategically to accentuate the body’s curves. It will be challenging to come up with alternative pairing options but I am up for the challenge so stay tuned.

Outfit details

Clover Canyon Dress – I can’t find exact but there are many beautiful options. I saw this cooler weather version on Marie Forleo and I love it. For warmer weather I like this Matador version and this classy Spanish Rose number. I guess I have Spain on my mind 🙂

Sarah Jessica Parker shoes from Nordstrom, acquired again during the Half-Yearly sale. Waiting for sales is always in style!

Laundry Coat by Shelli Segal but this looks like a great affordable option as well.

P.S. Excuse the faces but the wind was just brutal!

Teodoras-Lookbook-Clover-Canyon-Dress-7 Teodoras-Lookbook-Clover-Canyon-Dress-8 Teodoras-Lookbook-Clover-Canyon-Dress-9 Teodoras-Lookbook-clover-canyon-dressTeodoras_lookbook-SJP-shoes-nordstrom