Clover Canyon Dress

Hello everyone!

I added this dress to my collection during Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale last year. It took me a while to feel comfortable in it after baby as it is pretty form-fitting. It is definitely a winter dress and with the spring approaching, I had to find an occasion to wear it. It is not your typical afternoon tea party dress but I decided to wear it for my friend’s birthday tea party provided evening out was harder to arrange with the baby around.

Long before I wore it, I ran into a post by Jean with Extra Petite, who gave a very good overview of the material and fit. Of course, the fit is completely different for me. It is much shorter and definitely not appropriate for work but I think it still fits great. Rarely you can find a dress that fits very different body shapes. I have to agree that all prints on the dress were positioned strategically to accentuate the body’s curves. It will be challenging to come up with alternative pairing options but I am up for the challenge so stay tuned.

Outfit details

Clover Canyon Dress – I can’t find exact but there are many beautiful options. I saw this cooler weather version on Marie Forleo and I love it. For warmer weather I like this Matador version and this classy Spanish Rose number. I guess I have Spain on my mind 🙂

Sarah Jessica Parker shoes from Nordstrom, acquired again during the Half-Yearly sale. Waiting for sales is always in style!

Laundry Coat by Shelli Segal but this looks like a great affordable option as well.

P.S. Excuse the faces but the wind was just brutal!

Teodoras-Lookbook-Clover-Canyon-Dress-7 Teodoras-Lookbook-Clover-Canyon-Dress-8 Teodoras-Lookbook-Clover-Canyon-Dress-9 Teodoras-Lookbook-clover-canyon-dressTeodoras_lookbook-SJP-shoes-nordstrom

2 Responses to Clover Canyon Dress

  1. Tanja says:

    Prekrasna si ,da ne govorja za obuvkite

  2. Mica says:

    That is a lovely printed dress on you! 🙂

    I really like the bright blue heels you’ve worn with it! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

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