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Plaid Skinny-Leg Pants

S U R F  L E S S O N S-32 (more…)

Mommy Outfit

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing my favorite go-to outfit of the moment. Preferably, there should be no wind present:) I wore this dress when it was cooler with booties and now with sandals. I can’t wait to wear it with fringe heels or gladiator sandals. I love pairing cognac color accessories. The dress is from Free People and they have a similar jacket but I opted for the more affordable version from Express (on sale at that time).

Outfit Details
Dress – Free People via Nordstrom (available here now and similar)
Jacket – Express and even cheaper
Shoes – Michael Kors – similar and similar
Baby in a stroller – mine 🙂


Free People Berry Dress

S U R F  L E S S O N S-29

Free People Berry Dress

Dots and chambray

Hello everyone!

The weekend is almost here! Do you have anything special planned? These days all my special plans (which I truly enjoy) involve a 9-month old baby and a cheat day. Yes, I start thinking on Monday what I will be eating on SundayFunday. Eating healthy is tough as it has not become a lifestyle for me and I am still faking it:) Hopefully it gets easier.

Now back to the outfit. I love this skirt from the Limited and I was looking for other ways to wear it.I think that the fit and the length are very flattering. First, I wore it here. For the second outfit, I reached out for the chambray shirt. If you don’t have anything that matches, just pick a chambray shirt 🙂 And since I love match-matchy, the shoe choice was easy.

Outfit Details

Chambray Shirt – old but love similar and similar
Polka-dot skirt – The Limited – not available but similar
Pointed-toe shoes- SJP

polka-dot-skirt S U R F  L E S S O N S-24 S U R F  L E S S O N S-25 S U R F  L E S S O N S-26 S U R F  L E S S O N S-27

Coral and Navy

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great start of the week. I am recovering from a cold or from a severe allergy attack – I am not sure but I know I am ready to be done with it. So I am keeping it short with an outfit from last week:

Outfit Details

Embroidered top – Teodora B.
Coral Jeans – The Limited (similar and similar)
Pumps – old from DSW (similar  and similar)

S U R F  L E S S O N S-17 S U R F  L E S S O N S-18
S U R F  L E S S O N S-20 S U R F  L E S S O N S-22

Love at first sight

Hello everyone!

Yes, it was a love at first sight for me and this beautiful baby blue skirt. The print, the design and the fit scored high on my ideal man skirt checklist. Now, I am left with the task to figure out more than one way to wear it, i.e. besides pairing with white. Any ideas?

Outfit Details

White Sheer Sleeve Blazer – Teodora B.
White Pleated Top – Teodora B.
Blue Pencil Skirt – Teodora B.
White Pointed Toe Heels – ALDO but here is similar (more season appropriate)
Lipstick – MAC Flat Out Fabulous

S U R F  L E S S O N S-12 S U R F  L E S S O N S-13 S U R F  L E S S O N S-14 S U R F  L E S S O N S-15 S U R F  L E S S O N S-16