Love at first sight

Hello everyone!

Yes, it was a love at first sight for me and this beautiful baby blue skirt. The print, the design and the fit scored high on my ideal man skirt checklist. Now, I am left with the task to figure out more than one way to wear it, i.e. besides pairing with white. Any ideas?

Outfit Details

White Sheer Sleeve Blazer – Teodora B.
White Pleated Top – Teodora B.
Blue Pencil Skirt – Teodora B.
White Pointed Toe Heels – ALDO but here is similar (more season appropriate)
Lipstick – MAC Flat Out Fabulous

S U R F  L E S S O N S-12 S U R F  L E S S O N S-13 S U R F  L E S S O N S-14 S U R F  L E S S O N S-15 S U R F  L E S S O N S-16

2 Responses to Love at first sight

  1. tanja says:

    Dumite mi sa pove4e ot izli6ni.Vsi4ko eprekrasno sa4etano.

  2. Mica says:

    that is such a pretty skirt! it would look great with so many other colours, like brights like pink, purple, orange and yellow and all of the neutrals like black and grey!

    Away From The Blue

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