Father’s Day Outfit


Hello everyone!

I am sharing today pics of my Father’s Day Outfit. I love the color matching and the combo of fitting top with flared skirt. I had to loosen my belt as we went to a brunch buffet at Pampas and it probably was the best Brunch I have ever had. It included unlimited lobster tail and endless choices of desserts (my weak spot). I hope you had a great Father’s Day with your loved ones regardless of what you did.




Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-skirt7 Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-skirt5 Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-skirt4 Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-skirt2 Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-skirt1 Teodoras-Lookbook-floral-skirt

2 Responses to Father’s Day Outfit

  1. tanja says:

    Ot prekrasna,po prekrasna.Prevashodno sa4etanie na [vetova gama.

  2. Mica says:

    The colours in this outfit are beautiful!

    Glad you had a nice father’s day meal 🙂

    Away From The Blue

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