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Tory’s First Birthday

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe it has come and gone – Tory’s First Birthday. There were moments in the past when I thought I will eventually get over the initial excitement of having a baby but it seems that the more I recover physically the more I feel excited about her and all our experiences together. It is hard to describe the happiness I feel when I walk into her room every morning but it is even harder to describe the feeling of seeing someone so excited to see me. It makes my heart flutter as if I am in love. I miss her while she is sleeping at night and my husband and I often joke that we need to wake her up. I am sure most moms understand how I feel and most non-moms are reading between the lines (at least that is what I used to do before baby ;)), so let’s move forward with the photos.

The cake was from Once Upon a Cake. It looked just as I expected (beautiful) and it was delicious. We also ordered some lemon cupcakes which I enjoyed even more (compared to the vanilla cake) but you should know I was raised with lemon pound cake so I am slightly partial.

DSC_0379 (more…)

Two-piece set