Turtleneck Poncho Pullover – three ways

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Styling this pullover three ways has been pretty easy and you can possibly come up with many more. The neutral color and sleeveless design make it very versatile and perfect for layering in fall and winter. It is not the cheapest poncho out there but it has great feel and weight to it. I got it during a 20% sale and I think it is worth the wait if you need one. It comes also in grey but I find that oatmeal is more versatile and more suitable for my complexion.

Pincho Pullover // Jeans // Lace up heels similar // Dress similar // Booties // Camo pants similar// Purse similar

Pairing with fall basics. What do I consider fall basics? My basic fall prints are leopard and camo and basic colors are burgundy, dark denim, oatmeal, olive, camel, and black. This is a more of a transitional look as I am not wearing any layers under the poncho, the scarf is very light and the shoes are open.

Turtleneck Poncho Pullover
Dressing up camo. Almost every piece in this outfit works towards elevating the camo – from the clean lines of the poncho to the sleek heels and structured bag.

Turtleneck Poncho Pullover for Fall

Adding layers – Any of the two looks above can be recreated by adding a layer to welcome the cooler weather. Although pairing it with a dress is not my favorite (just because I don’t find it as flattering on me), I wanted to share it as an option. You can even take it a step further and add a belt.

Which styling is your favorite?

Turtleneck Poncho Pullover for Fall

Turtleneck Poncho Pullover for Fall


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