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Paradise in Georgia



Best Friends Forever


Zaira, Nadia, and I


Remember the summer?

I am thoroughly enjoying fall and cooler fashion styles but I could not stop from feeling some nostalgia for the uninhibited feeling of vacations, the summer breeze, the aromas and sounds of the beach, the freshness of the food, and most of all the time spent with my family.


Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-4

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-2

I miss my mommy

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-10

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-9

Converted Bulgarian 🙂

Fish Spa

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-11

Teodoras Lookbook Bulgaria 12-13

Beautiful Bulgaria – Chapter 1

Hello everyone,

After a vacation with my family, I am happy to be back to my blog and you, my dearest. In the next couple of posts, I will visually share my travel experiences in the wonderland of Bulgaria.

As some of you may know, I derive from an old Thracian (or Slavic) clan, or in other words I am Bulgarian. Tucked in Southeastern Europe, since the 600’s Bulgaria has been a crossroad for diverse civilizations, cultures, and historical events. As you can see from the pictures below, in addition to a rich history and customs, Bulgaria has breathtaking landscapes. I hope you have the opportunity to visit Bulgaria in your trips to Eastern Europe.

xoxo, Teodora


Bulgaria 2012 - 1


Dream Wedding – Part 2 (the Bridesmaids)


Teodoras lookbook indian sarree and henna

Teodoras Lookbook Nadia's Wedding

Teodoras Lookbook - Nadia's Wedding - Zaira

Teodoras Lookbook indian saree and henna 2

Teodoras Lookbook Indian Saree and Henna